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Cash to Nabana

Come into the shop with $USD and receive Nabana to your very own Nabana Wallet or BSC compatible wallet.

Debit to Nabana

Use your Debit Card and purchase Nabana tokens directly to your Nabana Wallet/ BSC compatible wallet via Pancake Swap.

Nabana via OTC Desk

Embrace Nabana’s 3% APR for 6 months from purchase when you purchase Via our OTC Desk. If you do not have BUSD or access to purchasing BUSD you can purchase it here via our website. Make sure to connect your wallet to the OTC Desk where you can then purchase Nabana with your BUSD and earn a wonderful APR on top of owning Nabana.

Also be sure to Contact our OTC Desk for more information.

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Start your Crypto Journey

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