Nabana Token

Nabana combines physical walk-in cryptocurrency shops, where you can learn about crypto, buy/sell crypto, and earn crypto rewards with a digital wallet/application based ecosystem. You can also learn about crypto, buy/sell crypto using a debit card, and earn rewards through staking and sharing Nabana with others.

Nababa Coin

Nabana Mission

Cryptocurrency has been an equalizer and as a result, resulted in a major wealth transfer. Nabana can be a strong conduit for this. Education, an easy-to-use App, and massive token utilization will reproduce itself in the form of a higher standard of living and socioeconomics standing.


Global poverty is a serious problem. We see many groups that collect donations to tackle the problem, however the issue of poverty remains. This is because it doesn’t provide a long term solution. Donations only temporarily alleviate the suffering, requiring future donations for future relief.

Cryptocurrency has been an equalizer and as a result, resulted in a major wealth transfer which will continue to occur. Nabana can be a strong conduit for this wealth transfer through education, a super easy to use platform and massive token utilization which reaches across the globe.

Earn Nabana Tokens

Earn Nabana token by learning about crypto, the blockchain, NFTs, the Metaverse and Nabana Ecosystem. Wheather you are a beginner or expert, we provide gamified training to improve your knowledge while you compete against your friends for top spots and prizes.

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