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A Pioneer in the Physical

Crypto Space

Nabana is one of the world’s first physical cryptocurrency shops where you can walk in, be greeted by a warm friendly face, and purchase crypto with your local currency. If you are new to crypto you can speak to a consultant who can equip you with all the tools you need to begin your crypto journey. While many projects are trying to go 100% digital, we still believe in the power of human connection.

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When we Realized we had Something Special

Our Nabana token creation quest began when we realized that most of the 10,000+ cryptocurrencies on the market have no product or service while having a billion-dollar market valuation. We also noted that not only did we have physical shops, but we were profitable as well. This is where the brilliant idea to tokenize our shops was conceived.


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By purchasing the Nabana token, you not only receive discounts on your crypto purchases, but you also become a stakeholder in the Nabana physical crypto shops. As Nabana grows, so does your stake in Nabana. Not ready to purchase yet? Not a problem. You can earn Nabana tokens by downloading the Nabana app and using it daily to complete one of 5 Earning modules. Learn&Earn, Burn&Earn, Stake&Earn, Refer&Earn, and Shop&Earn. The more you use and share the Nabana app, the more valuable Nabana becomes, and the more valuable Nabana becomes the more valuable you become. It’s a self-perpetuating strategy that will eventually touch hundreds of millions of users around the world.


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